David Loher

Social Anthropologist PhD

TSANTSA: Digital Relaunch

August 2019

Since 2018
With the digital relaunch in 2020, we redesigned the print edition of TSANTSA in collaboration with our publisher Seismo Press. Since then, it has been published in a more compact format
, I am the co-editor of TSANTSA – Journal of the Swiss Anthropological Association SAA. Together with my two co-editors, I was responsible for the reorganisation of the whole editorial process. Major achievements of this reorganisation are the digitalisation of the whole editorial process, and the implementation of a rigid peer-review process for all journal sections, as well as an improved visibility of the digital edition of the journal.

The journal runs on the Open Journal SystemOpen Journal System is an open software application for managing and publishing scholarly journals, developed and released by PKP. platform and is published by Bern Open Publishing, the print edition is published by Seismo Press.

We are currently engaged in two further projects. On the one hand, we are adapting the organisational and financial structure of the journal in order to increase the publication frequency with digital-only issues in addition to the ordinary yearly issue, published in print and digital. And on the other hand, we have launched a discussion for renaming the journal. We do not consider the journal’s current, rather ambiguous name as appropriate for an anthropological journal any longer.

TSANTSA: Digital Relaunch - August 1, 2019 - David Loher